Git and Git-Flow

To participate to the development of 2P-Kt, the usage of Git is mandatory. In particular, the Gradle script adopted by this project is configured in such a way to require a properly configured version of Git to be installed on the hosting system.

You can ensure Git is properly installed on your system by running

git --version 

# should output a line such as:
# git version 2.20.0.XXX

Git Flow

Git Flow is essentially a principled way of using Git, plus a command line tool enforcing it. In particular, it is the preferred way of using Git within the scope of this project, regardless of whether developers leverage on the git-flow command line tool.

In particular, within the 2P-Kt project, the following conventions on branch names and commits hold: GitFlow example

Useful resources

If you are not practical with Git, please consider reading the following resources:

  1. Pianini, Danilo. "Productive parallel teamwork: Decentralized Version Control Systems"
  2. Atlassian. "Gitflow Workflow"