Developing 2P-Kt with IntelliJ Idea

To participate in the development of 2P-Kt, we suggest the IntelliJ Idea IDE. The free, Community version will be fine.

You will need the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ Idea. This is usually installed upon Idea's very first setup wizard. However, one may easily late-install such plugin through the IDE's Plugins settings dialog. To open such dialog, use Ctrl+Shift+A, then search for "Plugins"

Importing the project

  1. Clone this repository in a folder of your preference using git clone appropriately

  2. Open IntellJ Idea. If a project opens automatically, select "Close project". You should be on the welcome screen of IntelliJ idea, with an aspect similar to this image: IntelliJ Welcome Screen

  3. Select "Import Project"

  4. Navigate your file system and find the folder where you cloned the repository. Do not select it. Open the folder, and you should find a lowercase 2p-in-kotlin folder. That is the correct project folder, created by git in case you cloned without specifying a different folder name. Once the correct folder has been selected, click Ok

  5. Select "Import Project from external model"

  6. Make sure "Gradle" is selected as external model tool

  7. Click Finish

  8. If prompted to override any .idea file, try to answer No. It's possible that IntelliJ refuses to proceed, in which case click Finish again, then select Yes

  9. A dialog stating that "IntelliJ IDEA found a Gradle build script" may appear, in such case answer Import Gradle Project

  10. Wait for the IDE to import the project from Gradle. The process may take several minutes, due to the amount of dependencies. Should the synchronization fail, make sure that the IDE's Gradle is configured correctly:

  11. In 'Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Build Tools > Gradle', for the option 'Use Gradle from' select ' file'. Enabling auto-import is also recommended