data class SolverEvent<T> : ExecutionContextAware, Any


Name Description
val event: T
val operators: OperatorSet

Loaded operators

val libraries: Libraries

Loaded libraries

val flags: FlagStore

Enabled flags

val staticKb: Theory

Static Knowledge-base, that is a KB that can't change executing goals

val dynamicKb: Theory

Dynamic Knowledge-base, that is a KB that can change executing goals

val inputChannels: InputStore

The currently open input channels

val outputChannels: OutputStore

The currently open output channels



constructor(event: T, other: ExecutionContextAware)


Name Description
event: T
other: ExecutionContextAware


constructor(event: T, operators: OperatorSet, libraries: Libraries, flags: FlagStore, staticKb: Theory, dynamicKb: Theory, inputChannels: InputStore, outputChannels: OutputStore)


Name Description
event: T
operators: OperatorSet
libraries: Libraries
flags: FlagStore
staticKb: Theory
dynamicKb: Theory
inputChannels: InputStore
outputChannels: OutputStore