package it.unibo.tuprolog.solve.exception.error


Name Description
class DomainError: LogicError

The domain error occurs when something has the correct type but the value is not admissible

object ErrorUtils: Any

Prolog error handling utilities

class EvaluationError: LogicError

The evaluation error occurs when some problem occurs in evaluating an arithmetic expression

class ExistenceError: LogicError

The existence error occurs when an object on which an operation is to be performed does not exist

class InstantiationError: LogicError

The instantiation error occurs when some Term is a Variable, and it should not

class MessageError: LogicError

The MessageError is used whenever no other LogicError instance is suitable for representing the error

class PermissionError: LogicError

A permission error occurs when an attempt to perform a prohibited operation is made

class RepresentationError: LogicError

A representation error occurs when an implementation limit has been breached

class SyntaxError: LogicError
class SystemError: LogicError

The system error occurs when an internal problem occurred and if not caught, it will halt inferential machine

class TypeError: LogicError

The type error occurs when something is not of Expected type