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Arg2P is an argumentation engine built on the top of tuProlog (2P) engine. Arg2P is a lightweight implementation of the ASPIC+-like system for structured argumentation.

In a nutshell, arguments are produced from a set of defeasible rules, and attack relationships between arguments are captured by argumentation graphs. The arguments of such graphs are labelled by following a labelling semantics. This simple framework will suffice to illustrate our upcoming investigation into persuasive burdens within an argumentation setting.

In addition, we use defeasible rule schemata to account for deontic reasoning, towards doctrine reification, as presented in Riveret et al., 2019.

Moreover, the model has been extended following the burden of proof model presented in Calegari and Sartor, 2020.

More information about the format of the knowledge base and rules can be found on the basic syntax.